Saturday, March 21, 2009

YUM command

yum clean all =
yum clean headers =
yum clean metadata =
yum clean packagename = clean packages left in cache
yum –enablerepo =livna install mplayer = enable livna repo & install mplayer
yum --disablerepo = livna search php = disable livna repo and search other repos for php
yum groupinfo =
yum grouplist =
yum groupinstall XFCE = installs entire group XFCE
yum groupupdate XFCE = updates for group XFCE
yum list available = lists all packages available for installation
yum list extras – packages not installed from any repo
yum list installed = lists all installed softwares
yum list updates = updates available
yum list updates php = updates available for php
yum localinstall xyz.rpm = installs packages from the HDD or CD/DVD
yum update php/perl/etc = updates packages
yum install php/perl/etc = installs packages
yum install php* = installs all php packages
yum install hwbrowser =
yum install lshw =
yum list php* = lists all php packages
yum remove php = remove php
yum groupremove php = remove entire php group
yum search "php" =
yum whatprovides php =

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